What Are You Hearing?

Haute Stars!! Welcome back and thanks for stopping by. Have you ever had a thought/idea/dream/ passion that you played out in your mind and it ignited and excited you in a way nothing else has? Has God ever given you a vision and tho it seemed crazy, you moved toward what you sae anyway? While moving, did you hit a place where you questioned what you saw? Did you start to ask yourself and God if maybe you got it wrong? Did you make the “mistake” of sharing your vision with someone and they discouraged you or spoke down about it? Well then this post is for you.

Recently I was approached to do something I had been praying for a chance to do for many years. The opportunity however to me, due to a lot of factors, seemed too good to be true. It is something that definitely needs to happen but due to different factors seemed highly unlikely. I’ll be honest, when the opportunity was presented I was in complete agreement, like I said it is something that needs to happen. But as days passed by, I started to think that it was totally just not possible. Between my own thoughts and the past thoughts from other people all I could hear was the negatives. I ended up declining the opportunity fully expecting it to not be a problem for the other side. The other side however, understood my stance but felt the opportunity was worth the risks. I agreed in my heart, but not in my mind. I moved forward with the opportunity, and when it started to fall apart, in my mind, I told myself I knew it. I sat back and thought things over and realized I didn’t feed the opportunity positivity in my mind. Yes I put in the work but part of me expected it to fall apart. All I could hear was the past telling me what to expect from the future, Negativity and others people’s thoughts became louder the reality that it could possibly work.

Many of us move through life in that way. We let our past tell us what to expect from the future, and then we are upset when life looks no better than what we see. We only feed our minds negativity and only hear/listen to what could go wrong. We do this for so long that its hard to get back to the feeling and vision we had when we start things. You have to learn to hear positive things. You can’t allow your thoughts to take you down a road that makes you think nothing is possible for you. I’m having to learn to control the way I think. Being skeptical going in does not give the dream/idea/vision/etc. the chance it needs to grow and manifest the way it should.

Now this does not apply to everything. You have to ensure that you are praying as you go and following the guidance God gives you. During this process I remember saying to myself, “Ok well I’m not putting myself out there. I’m not going to reach out, I’m going back to the old way.” While thinking those things, I’d e reminded of what I prayed for. I would be reminded of things that have been spoken over my life and would have to make the decision to walk in those truths and not in my feelings. Yes, the opportunity seems to be going south, but how much of that is reality and how much is in my mind? God always has a way to test you to find out just how bad you want the idea/dream/vision you are after (especially when they are destiny related.) You have to keep the same faith you have on top of the mountain, when you see everything clearly; in the valley where you can’t see at all. The vision did not change, your perception/viewpoint did.

So what are you hearing? Positivity or negativity? Take a moment to be open and honest with yourself, you may be surprised by what you’ve been feeding your own life.

Until next time.... keep God first, find your God given lane in life (purpose), get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, your neighbor, but don't forget to also love yourself!! In that order!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏾👸🏾