Setting Goals Part 2

Hey Haute Stars, welcome back to the blog!! Last week we discussed the first part of the Setting Goals by diving into the importance of goal setting and why people even bother to have goals. We pointed out that while goals can involve more than one person, they do tend to be more personal in nature. We discussed goal types/categories and lastly some of the possible goal topics. This week we are going a step further and talking about S.M.A.R.T. Goals, how to track goals, and the importance of accountability.

Da’Haute, what is a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. Glad you asked? S.M.A.R.T. stands for

· Specific

· Measurable

· Achievable

· Relevant

· Time Bound

S.M.A.R.T. goals are intended to keep the goal setter more focused and on top of their goal to reach it. Let’s take a look back at some of the concepts from the previous weeks and see how the S.M.A.R.T. acronym applies. If we look back at the first post about purpose and passion we understand that our purpose is very specific and direct yet unique to who God has created us to be. Specific is the first letter in our acronym and it is very fitting. If you are truly working toward your purpose you would need to ensure that the goals you set are specific and direct and will keep you moving toward your end goal. The next word is measurable. I will be discussing way to measure your goal and your progress a little later so let’s move on to the next letter/word achievable. It is important to ensure your goal is actually attainable and not too far-fetched to help keep down undo stress. When setting goals there should be some element of stretching you to grow you and possibly move you to the next level, but your goals should not cause threatening stress. It’s important that the goals be achievable or realistic. Let’s say your goal is to be a doctor but you have not started your necessary schooling, it would be unrealistic to set that goal for a two-year span when the first part of college alone with take you four to five years. There’s no way through normal circumstances that you would be able to achieve that goal in two years. The next word in the acronym is relevant. The idea of a goal being relevant pair really well with the idea of the goal being achievable. The goals realistic quality places a role in in its relevance, however, the goal still needs to fit the over all desire. In keeping with the idea of becoming a doctor, if that’s the end game, you don’t want to waste time on things that do not lead to that profession or will stand in the way of you being able to accomplish that goal. The last letter/word deals with time. We talked last week about goals being short term or long term. It is important to remain mindful of time when setting goals. Like earlier you need to ensure you are being realistic about the amount of time you allow yourself to accomplish the goal at hand. You also need to understand what that goal with cost you when it comes to your time. People often set goals without realizing the effect it will have on the rest of their life. If you go to school to be a doctor your social life will more than likely die out because you will need to pour more time into studying and attending things that will help to build your understanding.

It is also important to ensure the goal is measurable and that you are actively tracking your progress. There are many ways to do this. One way that I have found helpful is by using check point trackers. I set smaller goals for each goal and as those smaller goals are complete I check them off and track where I am in my goal’s progress. With creating my brand and working on my blog posts I have a checklist for each post that helps me ensure that I am completing the necessary parts to post the blog to my site. I also created my own planner using my favorite features from my happy planner to help me be more productive and successful. Lastly to ensure that I am being as productive as possible I use accountability partners who also help me track my goals progress.

Accountability partners are great for every aspect of life, but most people tend to use them more to help them stay on target with a goal. My accountability partners know my plans and my posting schedule. Their one number job is to ensure that I am following my schedule and staying on track. They won’t allow me to push things back simply because I do not feel like completing them. If I feel changes need to be made to my posting schedule they want to know why and they help me to refocus to get things done and push past my laziness, anxiety, depression, etc. One of my AP’s favorite thing to do is have me read my why to remind myself why I do what I do. This helps me reassess my goals and get focused on what’s at hand.

When thinking of accountability, it’s great to remember is not just about being accountable for the progress you are or are not making. It is important that you remember you are first accountable to you and owe it to yourself to accomplish your goals, but you are also accountable to the people God needs you to reach. We must remember that everything we go through is not always for us, but so that we can be a help to someone else. My divorce was not just for me. My ability to overcome all the pain and heartache I felt from the situation I use to encourage anyone I meet. My battle with depression and anxiety also helps me to encourage others. Every day I make it pass an anxiety attack and every day I get out of the bed when depression tries to keep me down is a day I win and can share with someone else. My journey will let someone know they aren’t alone, and your journey will do the same.

This is my favorite part, hearing feedback from you!! What do you think of the S.M.A.R.T. method? Have you ever used it? What about accountability partners? Do you have any? Next week I will walk your through goal action planning. I will show you an actual goal I have for the year and how I have it mapped out. Thank you again for stopping by!!

Until next time…. Keep God first and look for the beauty in your own lane, get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, your neighbor, but don't forget to also love yourself!! In that order!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏾👸🏾