Setting Goals Part 1

Hey Haute Stars, welcome back to the blog. Last week we discussed purpose and passion. We determined their importance and showed how they are used to help us fulfill life. Our passions can be the fuel our purpose needs to keep us on the right track. So, while they are not the same, they do relate quiet closely. Today we want to move to the next step, setting goals.

Goals help you fulfill your purpose. Goals are what one intends to accomplish or attain. Goals can be used to help determine what you want to achieve in your life. It helps you separate what’s important from what’s irrelevant, distracting. We started with purpose and passion because it is necessary to use those to make decisions. When you are deciding what schools to attend, fields to study, jobs to take, etc. you don’t want something that is against your purpose. In other words, if you believe you are meant to be a designer, you won’t waste time taking medical related courses. You would focus on drawing, clothing construction, fashion drafting, etc.

Goals can be divided into three general types/categories. First is based on time. Time based goals can be short term, require less than a year to accomplish, or long term, taking longer than a year to accomplish. Short term goals can be smaller pieces of a larger, long term goal. Both ae very important. Long term goals give you a vision while short term goals give you directions. Some examples of short term goals are getting a new job, starting a savings plan, changing your diet, etc. Some examples of long term goals graduating college, buying a home, becoming a certain profession, etc.

Goals can also be broken up into types based on topics. You can have personal goals, things you want to accomplish solely for you and your happiness. Honestly any goal you set alone will be a personal goal. You can have spiritual goals. These goals focus on you growing your relationship with God and becoming more spiritually in-tune with his guidance, which is important in the grand scheme of your purpose. There are career/professional goals that one may set. These goals include things like finding a job, moving up in positions on a job or in a specific career field, and even starting a business/brand and having success with that business/brand. This is one of my goals for 2019. There are financial goals generally dealing with money management. Life happens to all of us in many different ways that can impact this area of our lives and this is another goal I have on my list. I definitely want to get back to having money left over to save and apply to other things in my life. Lastly there are relational goals. Relational goals are goals that can be personal but generally require other people’s cooperation. With that in mind it is important to understand the objective of the relational goals you and the other person are setting.

So, let’s recap, goals help us determine what’s important and they are generally what we intend to accomplish or attain. Goals can be broken down into three general categories dealing with length of time and topic. The last category deals with focus. Goals based on focus generally drives majority of your decisions; if the decision you have in front of you move you closer to your goals, the choice you probably want to go along with that decision. If the decision in front of you move you away from your goals, the choice you probably want to make is to not go along with that decision. Make sense? As you can see, all the categories work together, and feed off each other. They are all pieces of the goal.

As always, I want to hear from you!! Share your goals with me below in the comment section. They can be the goals you have set for this year or lifetime goals. Next week we will discuss part 2 of setting goals and talk about S.M.A.R.T. Goals, tracking goal progress, and accountability. Thank you again for stopping by!!

Until next time…. Keep God first and look for the beauty in your own lane, get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, your neighbor, but don't forget to also love yourself!! In that order!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏾👸🏾