Purpose & Passion

Hey Haute Stars, welcome to a new year here at the Haute Way. I am prepared to help you live life The Haute Way and find the beauty in your own lane. First up on the list is finding your purpose and passion in life.

What is a purpose? The noun form of the word is the reason for which something is done or for which something exists. The verb form of the word deals with one’s intention or objective. Most people have a hard time finding their purpose, so they chase something equally important called a passion. Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Ok Da’Haute, who cares? Why does this matter, how is this going to help me move in the right direction? Glad you asked, lol. It’s important to have a purpose because it can provide you with the push you need to keep going when life gets tough. Operating in your purpose is also important because it provides or allows people to gain access to God and other things do to your obedience. By walking the path God has set for you, you allow God to work through your life to reach people he otherwise wouldn’t without you. There are things only you can do in this world, but you have to be walking in your purpose to be successful in them. We have our own measure to success (cars, clothes, money) but God measures success differently.

Passion and purpose have their similarities. They are both unique to you and generally things are God given. There are times when what someone is passionate about has nothing to do with their purpose but in those instances, it is important to check the motives behind the passion. Now passion and purpose are different, one is not the other however they tend to weave together or closely relating. You may not always enjoy your purpose like you do your passion. Your purpose can cause you to experience things in life you may see as a burden until you learn to view them through the proper lens. Many times, your passions tie to your talents. Musicians, artists, designers, and athletes are all talented individuals who usually do the thing and grow a passion/love for the thing they are talented in. However, that does not mean that’s their sole purpose in life, it can though very well be the door that leads them to being able to fulfill the ultimate goal and purpose. Your purpose in life is generally your life’s calling/mission. Every experience in your life in some way prepares you to accomplish your purpose or operate in your purpose.

Ok Da’Huate, their important great, but how do I find my purpose? Great question!! I wish there was a cut and dry answer, but these is not. Finding your purpose can take time, trial and error, and a lot of soul searching for some. For others, God just lets you know what you are meant to do in this world. If you are struggling with finding your purpose here are a few questions you can ask yourself that may help.

· What do you enjoy?

· What would you do without being paid for it?

· What are you naturally good at?

· How can you combine them all for the kingdom?

TD Jakes said, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion”. By finding what you enjoy and are naturally good at you are giving yourself a chance to explore the items unique to you. You get to use

those abilities for the kingdom. I know everyone reading this may not believe in God, but the principles are the same. You were created and placed on earth for a reason and it is up to you to find that reason and operate every day in and for that reason. Once you’ve figured out your purpose in life or you have found a passion in life, cultivate it. Operate every day in that purpose or passion. Grow it, learn all you can, and share your knowledge with others. Shine bright and be the light for someone else.

If you know your purpose in life leave me a comment below telling me how you found it. If you are on the journey to figuring it out, tell me about that too. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Until next time…. Keep God first and look for the beauty in your own lane, get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, your neighbor, but don't forget to also love yourself!! In that order!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏾👸🏾