Hey Haute Stars, welcome back!! It has truly been a long time. I hope all is going well for each of you. I have been trying to find something to share with you that will help inspire and encourage you to keep moving. Life has and will throw curve balls, knowing how to handle them is the most important thing to figure out. With all that is happening around me, from the two hurricanes and mass flooding, to the senseless killings that take place daily, I am compelled even with all of my issues to be grateful. Some days we have to look more at what we have verses what we do not and just be grateful. We all have needs and desires but your level of joy through the hardest of times. When I am, able to tell God thank you for something even while struggling to find peace/happiness, there is an amazing sense of joy that I get. It has proven true in my experience that when I take my mind off what’s going wrong and simply tell God thank you, it is truly lifting. God is so good, even when he is seemingly not working things out for me. Even when I feel more confusion/pain than I feel clarity/healing, God is good. That is a declaration we must learn to shout no matter what life is throwing at us. I hope you will take a moment and think on all God has done for you and find a way to just simply say, “God I thank you”. If you feel at a loss, just remember you still have life. If you are in a place where that (life) does not seem like a blessing (I have been there), just remember that leaves room for greatness. God is so much bigger than this moment so we must be sure not to forget that in our lowest moments. I have before, but I was/am grateful God did not stop waking me up even when I thought not living would be better. Gratefulness is truly your way out. Gratefulness leads to praise, praise can lead to worship, and worship leads to breakthrough. So start your day with thanksgiving, push through your day with praise, and end your day with worship. It will truly make a difference.

Until next time…. Keep God first and look for the beauty in your own lane, get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, your neighbor, but don't forget to also love yourself!! In that order!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏽👸🏽