Dream Life Series - 1.14.19

5 am came quick. Tired, I roll over and turn off my alarm. Thankfully today is a no workout day. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower for the day. I head t my home office to go over the final details of the family photoshoot. With the holidays behind us it’s Spring and Back to School Promo time for The Haute Brand. Knock, knock!! “Good morning boss,” Poppy says entering my office.

“Good morning love, sleep well?” I replied.

“Of course, you?” he asks.

“I did, but I woke up exhausted still,” I replied.

“Guess I didn’t do my job last night,” Poppy says with a frown.

“NO!! Your job was definitely well done, TRUST!! Not sure what the issue is. Between this shoot and fashion week it’s weighing me down,” I reply with a reassuring kiss.

“Well I expect a different answer tomorrow morning since this shoot will be done today,” he says staring into my face.

“Sir, yes sir!! But I o still have fashion week to think about. Now help me get the royals ready, we must get to the studio soon,” I say walking out of his embrace towards the kids’ rooms.

I don’t get far before Poppy loving grabs my arm, “I still hope that your answer will be different tomorrow. Most of everything for fashion week has been handled right?” Poppy askes.

“Yes Poppy, it is.” I reply walking out of his embrace, again. “Now please help me get the Royals ready.”

“After you,” Poppy says with a spark in his eyes.

“Poppy we do not have time to play today, lol”, I say with a laugh.

“We’ll see about that, “replies Poppy. I run towards the young royals rooms with Poppy hot on my heels.

“I’m going to make you pay for this,” Poppy says between laughs.

“You promise?” I reply with a wink, “I’ll be ready”. Poppy wakes the princess and I wake the prince.

“We’ll grab breakfast on the way to the studio,” Poppy tells the kids as we head to the car.

“No need, we’ve got food there already,” I reply before turning on the alarm and heading out the door.

We reached the studio with time to spare. Poppy got the royals situated in their room in the studio and made them breakfast, after shooting me a look that says, ”See I knew we had time to play”. I head over to hair and makeup ignoring Poppy while laughing to myself. I find Raeya, my hair stylist, waiting for me.

“Girl, I’m glad I gave you a key” I tell her with a hug.