Dream Life Series - 1.8.19

Thursday’s wakeup was a struggle. Soreness from all the fun with Poppy was catching up with me. I shower and dress before waking Poppy with a kiss.

“Baby I’m leaving now.”

“Do you have to?” Poppy responds pulling me into his arms.

“No Poppy, I’m already sore from all our celebrating. Besides, today is the most important day this week. I can’t be late.”

“I know baby, but you’re taking a break as soon as fashion week is over. I love you so please be careful” Poppy says before giving me a kiss I’m sure he was hoping would get me back in bed.

“Oh Poppy, I love you too, I’ll see you for dinner.” I grab my bags and head out the door. Like yesterday I arrive early to have some quite time with God. I finish as the office door bell rings. I check the camera and ask who’s there? I answer the door to find my cater standing there.

“Breakfast is served. Poppy made me promise to bring you food before coming to the house.” She said handing me a bag.

“Thank you. I will be sure to send him a picture, I don’t want him to bother you, lol.” The cater leaves and I return to my office. I send Poppy a couple pictures to ensure he knows I ate. My team arrives as soon as I finish, and the day is under way. With the models chosen it is time to narrow down their looks. Everything from hair and makeup, to clothes and accessories needs to be assigned to each model. There are 24 looks total. After a hard fought battle with my staff who wanted me to do all 24 instead of the initial 12 I had chosen, they won. Even after adding additional looks and having to add extra models, we finished with extra time for lunch. With the extra time as an incentive, I decided to go home for lunch. I grab my keys and head to the door only to see Poppy and the young royals.

“Awe, I was just heading home to see you all, what are you doing here?” I ask looking at Poppy.

“We brought lunch to you mommy,” replied my prince.

“Yea, daddy said you wouldn’t mind the distraction,” adds the princess.

“Well daddy was right,” I replied giving the royals hugs and kisses.

“Yea I told the cater that I would take care of the rest of the week.” Poppy says in between a hug and kiss.

“I should have known you would, so what’s for lunch?” I ask.

“The prince wants pizza. Is that kool?” states Poppy.

“Yes, let’s go!!”

We head out to enjoy pizza and laughs. I invite them to hang out in the office with me while I go through my last two model groups for the day. Poppy agrees to stay, taking the young royals to their area, and gets them settled in. Afterwards he heads to his private office and works while I take my meetings. I was glad he let me add space to my office for them so they could spend time with me whenever things are to hectic for me to be home. Knowing they are in the building with me makes me feel a sense of peace in the midst of the chaos. My meetings end earlier than scheduled. I gather my family and head home. Poppy grabs a quick meal for the kids after I tell him how tired I was and that I didn’t want food.