Dream Life Series - 1.7.19

The holidays are over and it’s time to gear up for Spring. New York Fashion Week is only a month away and there are things to complete. If I thought holiday meetings were crazy, fashion week meetings are insane. I’m up before the rest of the house to get to the office. I was glad thee family enjoyed the food yesterday because this week will be full of catered meals, breakfast and lunch. I refuse to miss dinner with my family, so I settled for earlier mornings. I arrive at the office before my team giving me time to do my morning prayer and devotion. The busier I get, the more I see my need for God to be a major part of my life. I finish my prayer as my phone rings.

“Hi Poppy, why are you up so early?” I asked surprised.

“I rolled over and you weren’t there, I got worried then I remembered you had to go to the office early” Poppy replied yawning.

“Awe baby I apologize. I didn’t want to wake you, it was 4:30 when I left” I replied.

“I appreciate that, but please wake me up next time.”

“Sir, yes sir. Good news, I have arranged breakfast and lunch deliveries for today and the rest of the week. You can reach me on my cell whenever you need me.”

“You didn’t have to do that baby. I do know how to cook.”

“I know but I wasn’t sure if you had work to do as well and with both the royals, I wanted it to be as smooth as possible. You know the prince will come looking for you.”

“You are right about that.” Poppy responds laughing. We say our goodbyes as my team arrives. The budget meeting is under way when flowers arrive.

“You are loved. –Poppy” I read the card and smile, turning my attention back to the meeting. We move on to the model selection meeting before breaking for lunch. I send my staff away for lunch to get a little quire time. I light my favorite candle and lay down on my chase. Rest was not my friend over the holidays, but I can’t let it affect me work. I wake up in enough time left to eat and get ready for the second set of meetings. I check my phone to find pictures from the young royals and messages from Poppy. The meetings come to a close and I head home in time for dinner. I pull in the garage, grateful for all the blessings God has given me. I walk in the door and the aroma of heaven hits me. Poppy was throwing down in the kitchen.

“Mommy!!” the young royals yell running to greet me. I greet them back before washing up to eat. We settle at the table and enjoy the delicious meal Poppy prepared. Poppy and I get the royals ready for bed before returning to the kitchen to clean it together. I tried to tell Poppy I could do it without him but he insisted on helping me. We shower together and say our nightly prayer together before getting in bed. I spend some time thanking Poppy for the flowers before he lets me sleep. Four AM will be here before you know it.