Dream Life Series - 1.6.19

New Year’s Day arrives; I’ve been working non-stop on the brand.

“Baby wake up!! It’s New Year’s Day!! Are you planning to sleep it away?” Poppy asks trying to wake me.

“I’m up love, but need I remind you that you kept me up well after we got home from church last night, or should I say this morning? Can a girl get her beauty rest?” I ask while admiring my husband’s frame remembering our night of passion.

Poppy laughs a hearty laugh before replying, “What? I wanted to bring the New Year in right, and what better way than deep…

“Poppy!” I shout cutting him off and blushing.

“Besides you’re already beautiful, extra sleep won’t change that”, Poppy says laughing at my reaction to his comment. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he says carrying me to the bathroom. As we approach, I smell my favorite candle and hear the low hum of the Jacuzzi jets.

“Awe love you ran me a bubble bath!!”

“No, I ran us a bubble bath. Brush your teeth while I grab your real surprise,” Poppy puts me down and kisses my question away before leaving the room. I do as I’m told and get into the waiting tub. Poppy returns holding a box.

“Poppy, what is this? You already gave me birthday and Christmas gifts”

“Just open it.” I lift the lid to find nothing inside.

“I don’t understand,” I say turning a questioning eye to Poppy.

“The gift is us. I am making you a promise to be there. Things have been crazy, but we made it. 2019 is our year to be great and set the stage for all the years to come.” Poppy wipes the tears from my cheek before kissing me sweetly. He was right, life had been crazy but God!!

“Oh Poppy, I can’t wait to continue to do life with you!! Tears turn to laughs as we enjoy each other and our bath. We dress and move on to get the Royals.

“Do you want to dress the royals or make breakfast?” asks Poppy.

“Dress the Royals, breakfast is being delivered” I respond. Shaking his head Poppy grabs my hand as we head to the Royal’s wing. To our surprise, the princess was up and dressed. Poppy dresses the price while I ask the Princess what she’d like to do after breakfast.

“Color!!” she replies excitedly, “Can you and daddy color with me?”

“Of course, baby!!” I say grabbing her hand and heading to the kitchen. I set the table and get the Royals settled as the doorbell rings. “Breakfast is served!!” I say letting the cater in. We enjoy breakfast before we enjoy coloring. Poppy and I lock eyes having a private conversation in our stare. I mouth I love you and mouths it back. He winks before turning his attention back to the princess. We spend the rest of the enjoying our little royals. We get them ready for bed before turning in ourselves. We say our nightly prayer together before falling asleep in each other's arms. Another day in the books.