Dream Life Series - Friday - 11.16.18

Bing!! Bing!! Bing!! Bing!! – 5 am wakeup and my day is underway. I stop by the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face before I head to my office for my morning prayer. In the bathroom, I find a note from Poppy, “I know it’s time for your morning worship, I left you a gift. I’m in the gym if you need me” – Poppy.

I complete my bathroom needs and head to my office. In the center of my desk were 2 dozen red roses and a tiny red box. I smell the roses before sitting in my chair to start my morning devotion. I read my scriptures and create my devotional post for my website before heading to the gym downstairs. Today is a day of cardio so I stretch before I get on the elliptical. Reaching the machine, I find a note, “Did you open the box?”- Poppy. I gasped and turned to find Poppy standing in the door holding the box in his hand.

“Don’t act like you know me lol,” I say to Poppy smiling.

“It’s no act lol,” he returns laughingly.

I grab the box and open it to find a heart shaped pendant. Looking into my husband’s eyes asking a million questions with my stare, he simply ask if I like it. I give him a kiss to answer his question and proceed to look at him awaiting an actual answer. He simply says, “It’s Tuesday”. I laugh and go back to the elliptical to complete my morning workout. Catching Poppy’s gaze, I mouth not today sir. I watch the passion in his eyes grow and I think to myself that is definitely cardio too. Obviously reading my mind Poppy walks over to get me off the elliptical, oh the joys of married life….

Time passes and my morning with Poppy fills with passion and lots of cardio lol, but it was time to get the little royals ready for school. Poppy got the prince and I got the princess. Leaving the princess to dress herself, I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. With the kids fed it’s time for work and school. Waving bye to Poppy I head to the school to drop the kids off. From the schoolhouse, I head to my studio to make calls and finalize items for the holiday party around the corner. After a conference call with the fall production team, I take a break and head to the post office to pick up packages. With the holidays approaching, it was almost time for the family holiday picture. I grabbed the packages and headed back to the office. Checking my phone I find a message from Poppy, “Stopping by the studio for lunch today”. Today was supposed to be a day filled with conference calls and meetings but leave it to Poppy to have a plan of his own. I pull up to find his truck parked outside. Shaking my head thinking back on our morning fun, I get out the car and head inside. Upon entering I find more roses and a feast not a lunch.

“I had your favorite restaurant send over some of your favorites. Whatever you don’t eat we can have for dinner or I’ll take it to the ‘rents house for them to eat,” says Poppy.

“Aren’t you sweet!! That would be great, Poppy,” I reply with a tight squeeze and a kiss. I fix a plate and get comfortable at my desk as my phone rings. I tell Poppy he’s welcome to stay but I must take this call. He waves me off and proceeds to keep eating. Another call follows that call, and half way through Poppy leaves to head back to his office. With the conference calls for the day complete, I prepare for tomorrows shipment of holiday inspired gift sets on sale at my online. As I lock up the studio and head to the schoolhouse to get the young royals, I mentally prepare myself for the task that awaits me there at the studio tomorrow. I pick up the young royals and head to the house. I get them situated at the table with snacks as they prepare to do their homework. With homework almost complete, I get ready to start dinner. As I walk into the kitchen my phone rings, “Don’t cook, I’ve got dinner.” The garage door opens and in walks Poppy with more food than he had at lunch. “My parents said thanks by the way”, I forgot yours were on vacation….again. We both laugh as I think to myself I forgot they were too. We settle at the table and eat the feast Poppy brought home. After dinner, we get the kids settled into their beds and retire to our own room to get ready for bed as well. I thought back on the day and said a quick thanks to God before joining Poppy for our evening prayer. After we pray, we relax in bed. Today was a true blessing, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds…