“Being Broke Made Me Rich” – Lecrae

So, I was in my car heading to my brother’s house after work one day when this song by Lecrae came blaring through my speakers. That day was honestly not a great day for me. I had been battling my thoughts and trying my hardest to not give in to the stress of the situation I was facing when the hook caught my attention, “Being broke made me rich, being broke made me rich, being broke made me rich, being broke made me rich.” Now I know the song is referencing being financially broke, but my mind immediately went to being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually broken. The stress and heartbreak of getting divorced and becoming a single mother caused issues to resurface that I have not dealt with in a very long time pushing me to face all the drama and issues that brought me to the place I found myself, broken. As I sat there listening to those words in the song, I realized that everything I had lived through up to that point (and everything to come that I’ll have to live through) that broke me (bullying, rejection, divorce, etc.) was placed there to make me rich. Going through every experience taught me a lesson about myself and other people. It was not until I stopped crying, wiped my face, and decided that I had to love myself regardless and decided to be who God made me that I was able to see how all the hard times shaped me. I was able to see that though I felt like I lost, that in reality I had gained more than words will ever tell. We have to be willing to look at the bigger picture to see everything else that could have happened but did not to be grateful. We must remember it could always be much worse. I realized that being the one who was always left out helped create the side of me that loves to create and think outside the box. It birthed my love for fashion and design. Being the “smart monkey” or the “hairy ape” allowed me to graduate top of my class from high school, undergrad, and from grad school. Transparent moment: I am still looking for the richness in being a single mother, but I am sure in time I will be able to see God’s blessing there too. I mean, seeing my daughter every day and being able to create memories is the blessing I cherish, as hard as it is sometimes. My point is that brokenness does not come to kill you. It comes to teach you and to grow you. You can either stay in your brokenness or you can put in the necessary work to become better instead of bitter, to show love instead of hate, and to be great in your thinking instead of remaining small minded. However, that decision is up to you. As a person on that journey it is not easy and every day is filled with wins and losses but in the end, I believe it will all have been worth it. I pray you will decide to all God created you to be, and you will allow him to use your story to inspire others, and to help someone else. Until next time keep God first, find your God given lane in life (purpose), get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, love yourself, and love your neighbor!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏾👸🏾