1st Quarter Recap

Hi Hauties, welcome back to my page!! I know it has been a while. Today I am here to recap all the events of the 1st quarter of the year. I am going to recap my goals, tell you the ones I accomplished and the ones I did not. I will also share with you my plan for moving forward through the year.


So, for the sake of time I am going to just list the goals I made for the year so far.

· January Goals:

  • Stay Positive

  • Cook More

  • Be ok standing on my own

  • Not leaving the house in an outfit I don’t like

  • Save money

· February Goals:

  • Be more consistent with all my THW things

  • Get better sleep

  • Get better at managing my stress


I must be honest, I have had more setbacks, in my opinion, than accomplishments in the 1st quarter of the year. It has not been easy and I have really had to push myself past my “breaking point” to become better. My positivity hit a low half way into January and I spent most of February getting myself back focused. Everything I tried or wanted to do fell apart and mentally I quit. My focus became taking care of my princess and nothing else. I poured all my time and energy into her. Her love and joy helped me push past my inability to find the good in the setback of things falling apart and keep pushing regardless. I noticed a lot of my goals relate and once my positivity died so did my consistency with my site. I had an entire calendar of ideas that never came to be. Stress levels rose and sleep became non-existent. I wasn’t being as productive as I wanted to be and I had to change things quickly. Other things I did not do was save money and cook more.


It’s amazing to me that with all the setbacks I’ve had, in my eyes, in the 1st quarter I still accomplished some things as well. I managed to become comfortable with the woman God is making me. I became comfortable standing alone in social settings. I didn’t feel the need to change my opinion to fit others views better. I also never left the house in an outfit I didn’t love, EVER!! Lol!! Work errand runs, church, etc. I was cute, lol. I did not always do makeup but my outfits where cute, to me anyway lol. In this moment, I am amazed that even with all the setbacks, growth was still taking place. I don’t give myself enough credit sometimes but I am happy I was still able to strive through every setback. I may have given up in my mind, however somewhere deep inside I kept going, thinking, and planning. I kept coming up with ideas and trying to figure out ways to execute them. I am always looking to see God in my life an that is true sign of his presence and I am truly grateful.

Expectations Going Forward

Moving forward I hope to stay in the vein of pushing myself past my limits. I’ve learned growth doesn’t happen in “comfort”, so I am pushing myself to be better even if it’s not comfortable. All the goals I have set are still on the table so I am looking forward to moving each one to the accomplished pile.

April Goals

My April Goals are extremely personal and not something I can openly share with you all at the moment but when I accomplish them I will definitely share!!

Check out my Soundcloud this Thursday for a little more in-depth information on my 1st Quarter Recap and come back next Sunday where I’ll discuss Dealing with Yourself. I would love to hear from you. Comment down below about how the 1st quarter of the year went for you and what you have planned going forward through the year. Until next time keep God first, find your God given lane in life (purpose), get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself!! Be blessed!! 💋💋👸🏾👸🏾