Facing FEARS

Hey Hauties, welcome back!! Saturday my niece had a birthday party at an ice skating facility. I don't skate, more-less ice skate!! When I was younger I was adventurous, a little daring, and was willing to push the boundaries just a little in the name of fun. As I got older, life "forced" me to be cautious. When I was younger I tried to learn how to skate on a number of occasions but after getting the wind knocked out of me two separate times I decided it just wasn't for me. I became afraid of it all together. While sitting at my niece's party, I realized there are a few fears that still "haunt" me. I realized that my fear of skating, yes SKATING, was keeping my daughter from being able to truly enjoy something new. Watching her not be able to fully participate because I was too afraid to get on the ice in the moment made me feel like a failure. I questioned what I was teaching her by not being able to push past my fear and just do it. She even said to me, "Mommy, you can't be afraid to try." As I stood behind the glass watching her hold the wall trying to make her way around the ring I knew she was right and I had to find a way to overcome that fear. This one event forced me to review my life and all the things that I didn't like or learned to become afraid ofto figure out how I could overcome all of them. 2017 I faced my fear of "loosing" someone I love by getting divorced. That was a big thing for me. That time was rough but I became better. I faced things from my past that plagued me and in the end I am much lighter in my spirit and much better in life for it. Now no, I never did go out on the ice and try to skate, but I did ask them about classes I could attend with my princess so we could learn together. What are you afraid of? Have you had your heart broken one too many time and the idea of love scares you? I know the pain, but what helps me is knowing that I've grown from the experience. I hated having to do it but God used it to help me grow past all the hurts and pains in my life. Don't let it stop you from trying again. Did you have a bad audition that hurt you so bad you gave up on your dream, try again. Someones inability to see your greatness doesn't lessen it, you are great regardless. Keep auditioning till someone says yes. Did you start school and not do so well so you decided it wasn't for you but deep down you know it is? Go back, and try again. Don't let your fears keep you from your destiny!! You were created to do that thing and you won't truly know happiness and joy until you do that very thing!!

Until next time keep God first, find your God given lane in life (purpose), get in it, and enjoy the ride!! Love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself!! Be blessed!! 馃拫馃拫馃懜馃従馃懜馃従

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