Dream Life Series - 1.16.19

“Bae, bae, bae!! Wake up, wake up!!” Poppy sweetly calls out. I open my eyes to see Poppy’s gorgeous face staring back at me.

“What time is it,” I ask him with a yawn.

“It’s a little after 6 AM,” Poppy replies.

“You let me sleep through my alarm …. twice?” I questioned.

“You looked to peaceful to wake up” Poopy sweetly replies trying to curve my questions.

“I have you to thank for that. You should be happy; my answer was better like you requested.” I reply with a wink. A blushing Poppy follows me from our bed to bathroom. I brush my teeth as Poppy talks work related issues. When I finish, we return to our room to say a quick morning prayer. After prayer, it is time to wake the young royals. We get them dressed and ready for school. Breakfast is served before we all load up and go our separate ways. I take the royals to school, while Poppy heads to work. Once at the office, I check emails before the photographer arrives with some of the best pictures from yesterday’s shoot. We spend a couple hours going over the pictures, making adjustments and retouching where needed. The photographer leaves and I meet with my team to finalize model looks for the rapidly approaching fashion week. We go through photos and other elements to ensure the looks are complete. That meeting ends just in time for me to go grab the young royals from school. I grab the royals and head back to the office. The royals head to their room and do their homework while I finish organizing product that will be used for the runway show.

Ring, ring, ring!! “Hi Poppy, you off already?” I ask.

“Um, I’ve been off, I’m checking on you and the young royals. You have not called so I got worried”, Poppy says worriedly. I check my watch, it was almost 7.

“Oh Poppy, I was organizing the warehouse and lost track of time. We’ll be heading home shortly”, I reply slightly panicked myself. Time really got away from me.

“Ok, I made dinner so don’t worry about food,” Poppy says in a soothing tone in an attempt to ease my panic.

“Thanks Poppy!!” I respond before inwardly thanking God. I grab the royals and head home. Poppy is waiting when we arrive with plates and all. We enjoy dinner and get the royals ready for bed before calling it a night. I tired Poppy walks to the bedroom.

“Rough day?” I ask him concerned while wrapping my arms around his neck.

“You can say that. A lot is happening, but I can’t tell you about it” Poppy replies leaning down to kiss my forehead.

“I understand, but you know I got you.” I say looking up into his eyes.

“I know bae, thanks.” Poppy returns while squeezing me tight.

“Anytime love!!” I reply when I’m finally able to breathe.

Poppy heads to the bathroom to shower and I sneak away to set up something special for him. After my shower, I return to our room to find Poppy lying down. I walk over to Poppy and kneel before him, “Come with me” I say, “and close your eyes”. I lead Poppy to our sitting area just off our room. “Open your eyes” I tell him.

“What is this” Poppy asks surprised.

“I wanted to help you relax so I pulled out one of our message tables. I’m going to give you a message.” I say sweetly. Poppy looks at my attire, a lace robe, he laughs “You won’t get far and you know it”.

“True,” I say, hiding one more trick up my sleeve, “but I’m sure going to try”. Poppy lays on the bed and I proceed with his message after applying my secret weapons. Poppy catches a whiff of secret weapon one and laughs “You don’t play fair at all.” I giggle before responding “I’m just getting started” Things are going well until Poppy looks down and spots his favorite shoes on my feet. I continue messaging him when I notice the change in his breathing “Did you open your eyes?” I asked Poppy.

“How’d you know?” he says sarcastically confused.

“I know you,” I said.

“Told you wouldn’t get far and you were not playing fair from the beginning. You put on my favorite perfume and now you got on my favorite shoes too. You should be surprised I let you go for this long.” Poppy says staring at me.

“I am” I respond.

“I know another way to relax” Poppy say. Before I could respond, Poppy picks me up and carries me to our bed. Knowing what’s next I remove my robe.

“Shoes stay!!” Poppy all but growls. Before I could respond Poppy grabs me and kisses the words out of my mouth. Passion fills the room; it is going to be a long night….

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